On-demand delivery and Marketplace service provider.

We are on a mission to change the on-demand delivery and marketplace space by empowering our partners with the means to grow their business, meet customer delivery needs while providing stellar service at a reasonable cost.

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Start growing your business today!

Become a Gofer vendor partner and open your business to new customers through our marketplace.

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Make a difference, start delivery with Gofer

Become a gofer delivery partner and let’s open your business to new markets through our delivery application.

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Gofer provides an online store (Marketplace) for its vendor partners to upload product offerings, discounts and promos. Our marketplace gives consumers direct access to product offerings (retail inventory, food menus, pharmaceutical and general goods), putting your business in direct reach of your clients while creating an additional revenue channel.

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On-demand delivery

Gofer offers an on-demand delivery service through its growing network of dispatch/delivery partners. This means less wait times for your customers, cheaper delivery charges and real time tracking.

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Gofer Corporate

Businesses can sign-up to enjoy the flexibility and innovations our Gofer Corporate Courier feature provides.

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Courier Service

Users can schedule and request courier package pickup and drop off on our web app and gofer app, while monitoring in real-time dispatch progress. Gofers courier feature allows users to enter package description, the recipients contact and name while sending live updates to both recipient and sender. This assures the right person receives packages at all times.

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Product/vendor spotlight marketing

Gofer’s vendor spotlight marketing gives new and existing businesses the platform to strategically market their product to their targeted audience. Our cost-effective marketing approach ensures our vendor partners get the needed results to grow and sustain their business.

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