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Gofer is an on-demand delivery and marketplace platform, a product of Gavac Technologies Limited (We, Us or Our).
Gofer was established to provide and bridge the gap between retailers/vendors and consumers.

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We are on a mission to change the on-demand delivery market by empowering our customers with the means to meet their delivery needs while providing stellar service at a reasonable cost.

Our Process

We leverage heavily on technology; employing machine learning and artificial intelligence. The outcome is a solution with predictive technology designed to assess the most efficient ways of assigning orders.

Our approach

Reduces the time it takes for riders/driver to pick up meals and packages.

Enables vendor partners predict the duration of time it will take for orders to be picked up and as a result ensures that orders are ready before delivery/dispatch partners arrive.

Reduces delivery time by routing the shortest possible route (considering traffic) to the customer, thereby offering competitive and feasible delivery charges.

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Become a Gofer vendor partner an open your business to new customers through our marketplace.

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Become a gofer delivery partner and let’s open your business to new markets through our delivery application.

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Gofer provides an online store (Marketplace) for its vendor partners to upload product offerings, discounts and promos. Our marketplace gives consumers direct access to product offerings (retail inventory, food menus, pharmaceutical and general goods), putting your business in direct reach of your clients while creating an additional revenue channel.

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