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Increased revenue

Becoming a Gofer delivery partner opens your business to new customers through our delivery application. With our array of service offerings, a growing network of more than 150 retail vendor partners, your business is guaranteed to increase revenues by at least 20% from the steady inflow of delivery requests.

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Proximity assigned delivery

Gofer's delivery app puts your rider/driver in direct proximity to customers and vendors. This reduces the long distances covered to pick up and drop off orders, making riders/drivers more efficient, reducing fuel and maintenance costs and making more time to take additional orders.

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Driven by Innovation

We understand your success is our success and as such leverage heavily on technology to make this a reality, as such all delivery partners are equipped with admin application with a dashboard to actively manage all rider/driver activity, trips per rider, revenue collection, live chat and trip duration/update.

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Delivery Partner Support

Your business will be well supported with our team of experts assigned to professional delivery partners to ensure concerns are addressed and resolved in a timely manner. Giving you more time to focus on growing your business.

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