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Increased revenue

Becoming a Gofer vendor partner opens your business to new customers through our spotlight marketing, while making it easier and more convenient for existing customers to enjoy your product offerings, in effect increasing sales revenue for a vendor partner by 20%.

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Increase Digital Presence

Gofer's marketplace platform puts your business in direct view and proximity to customers, by offering the tools your business needs to attract, convert and retain customers.

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Driven by Innovation

We understand your success is our success and as such leverage heavily on technology to make this a reality, through our vendor POS integrations, live ordering, and proximity algorithm, turnaround times for vendors to process and have orders delivered to customers is guaranteed to be under 45 mins, while offering very competitive delivery charges.

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Pool of Delivery Partners

Your business will be well supported with our community of vetted and professional dispatch/delivery partners. This means customers receive their orders on time and in pristine condition. No more long wait times for customer packages/meals to arrive, giving you more time to focus on growing your business.

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